6 Mean Girls Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Cold, Shiny, Hard Plastic

Photo: Michael Gibson/Paramount/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock.
It's officially been 14 years since Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was. Ever since, the month of October (specifically the 3rd) has become the unofficial holiday for Mean Girls fans everywhere — with people celebrating with memes, fetch puns, and tributes to iconic quotes from the film via Twitter. Another way to show your appreciation, though, would be to use this moment to prep for your Halloween costume.
In case you didn't already know, The Plastics were the pinnacle of 2000s beauty. Besides the Burn Book, the group of frenemies left behind some of the most memorable trends of the decade, like glossy lips, kohl liner that covers the circumference of the entire eye, and overplucked eyebrows. (If you disagree, you have the Broadway show to prove you wrong.) Not only does that mean makeup from 2004 is still pretty cool, but your costume practically makes itself.
Just in case you still need some help putting a Cady, Regina, or Janis look together, we've rounded up the best beauty tutorials that will lend a hand. We can confirm that every single one is the groolest.

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