Chloe x Halle, Your Average Teens Just One Album Away From A Grammy

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To reiterate that musicians Chloe and Halle Bailey are teenagers underscores the fact that their success is still somehow an anomaly among young women their age, even in the entertainment industry. But what they'll teach you in their interview for Refinery29's podcast UnStyled is that their youth actually plays an important role in their takeover of the music scene. In short, these two defy all expectations: After making waves with their covers ", and thus receiving the official stamp of approval (and a recording contract) from Beyoncé herself, the sister act from Atlanta has spent the past year prepping their sophomore album, Kids Are Alright, set to release this fall. Finding success at a young age isn't easy, but these two handle it with grace, one personal project at a time. That, plus their art installation with Benjamin Shine at 29 Rooms, make them the perfect subjects to take notes from.
When the two sat down with Refinery29's global editor-in-chief and co-founder Christene Barberich for UnStyled, we learned even more about the Baileys. For starters, each New Year brings a new vision board, where the sisters cut and paste things they want to accomplish in the months ahead. Chloe's goals include wanting to get more in touch with herself, as a woman. And Halle, who's "in love with the sun" in California, prefers to "get her life every day," that is to say, not a second is wasted. And who knew Chloe was a self-dubbed nerd for all things technology and math?

Even though we're young, our ideas matter so much. And what we have to say is so important. People shouldn't worry about this generation because we're gonna be alright.

Chloe Bailey
In addition to their secret method to songwriting, the two get candid on their relationship to their signature locks, their style (that dances somewhere between Rodarte and Miu Miu, the quintessential wardrobes for those on the cusp of coming into their womanhood), and what it's like to channel all of the above into their sound and touch the souls of young people everywhere. If inspiring women like Chloe x Halle are just what you need to help you harness your inner prowess, then don't forget to subscribe to UnStyled for more.
What was the toughest part about moving to L.A.? Leaving your family must have been hard.
Chloe Bailey: "We have such supportive parents and such a loving family. They're with us every single step of the way, and I think that's so important. I remember the last day we were packing the house and there was a grasshopper on our porch door, and it was huge. And, you know, we're all about symbols and what the universe is trying to tell you. So, we researched it, and it's saying, 'You're moving in the right direction. Continue to leap forward.' So we really went, 'Okay. That was the confirmation we needed.'"
What kind of guitarists do you feel inspired by?
Halle Bailey: "Lenny Kravitz has always been one of my hugest guitar inspirations, just because of what you feel through his fingers, as he's playing, what emotion that emits from you. That's what I want to do. I want to make it another form of self-expression for myself. Because with singing, it's so easy to just express how I'm feeling and tell everybody stories in a few amount of words, but with guitar, it's a whole different story, because I feel like it's more difficult because I don't have the words."
Do you feel like you're each other's guide? Or are you pretty equal?
CB: "I really admire my sister, because she knows what she wants in life, and I'm learning that from her, to be very upfront with my feelings. She's like, 'I want this, this, this, this, this, and this, and I'm not afraid to speak my mind.' And I think that is so important for even young females to know, to speak their mind, and speak what they want, because that's how you're happy. I learn that from my sister every day. I feel like we're partners in crime."

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