The Dreamiest Beauty Trends New York Girls Are Wearing Right Now

Photographed By Tiffany Dawn Nicholson
Everyone loves to talk about how great fall is, but the truth is, it's actually the seasonal equivalent to your flakiest friend. Cozy sweaters! That you never know if you should wear because the temperature range is between 60 and 85. Piping hot lattes! That make you break out into a sweat when the office manager cranks up the thermostat. Patterned tights! Ok, honestly, you're just a masochist if you like tights.
But the one single thing you can always count on this time of year? Your hair and makeup. There's no humidity in the air trying to tempt your strands out of your sleek blowout. Product sales seem to pop up every other week (sometimes twice). And, unlike a turtleneck, your lipstick won't try to suffocate you in the middle of a conference call.
Ahead, find the dreamiest and easiest fall beauty looks you'll want to wear right now — created by makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes and hairstylist Rubi Jones, and fittingly worn by our dream girl: model and body positivity activist Denise Bidot. "These looks are exactly what I wear when I go out," says Bidot, who broke barriers as the first plus-size model to walk multiple runways at New York Fashion Week in 2014. "Makeup has the power to lift your mood and be an expression of how you feel that day — and each of these represents that. A romantic, a rockstar, a badass..."
Picking an outfit that accommodates a freak 25-degree temperature spike, on the other hand? Well, you're on your own with that.

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