Leslie Jones Snaps The Same Nervous, Unfocused Selfies We Would With Bey & Jay

Leslie Jones has worked for Saturday Night Live since 2013, and for most people, that makes her kind of a big deal. Still, when it comes to hanging with Jay-Z and Beyoncé at the season premiere afterparty last night, she had no sense of herself as a celebrity and acted exactly like we normals would: quivering in awe, but sure to get selfies with both of them.
"I take the worst pics ever!!" she wrote of her selfie with Beyoncé. "Thank God Beyoncé is just fucking beautiful!! Thanks for pic Queen B!! I was so nervous!!"
Jones really looks worried, and Bey is out of focus in the photo so, apparently, the comedian didn't even try to take two shots.
She seems slightly more relaxed in her selfie with Jay-Z, who performed on SNL for the first time since 2010.
"Jay Z is a lyrical beast!!! Thanks for the pic!! Again soooo nervous!!" Jones tweeted.
What's funny about her nerves is that Jones had hung out with the couple before, when they showed up to support Solange's SNL debut last November.
That's beside the point, we suppose. Jones likes to use her Twitter to show she's more like us than like her famous peers, and fans responded accordingly.
"I wouldn't have been able to take a pic w/her," follower Angie wrote. "I'd have been a babbling incoherent mess muttering, 'But you're Beyoncé...' "
"You look like you're about to faint," DiMo said. "I would be the same way."
A few thought it was okay to chime in with Jones' self-criticism, "I love you, but you look like you're in central booking & B was photoshopped in," wrote one follower.
But many disagreed: "You're both beautiful, talented queens!!!!!!" Tash tweeted. Correct.
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