SNL Came For The Property Brothers — & It Was Hilarious

Like the skit said, "if you love The Property Brothers, just wait until you meet Pete, Zeke, and Tristan." Saturday Night Live's audience tuned into HGTV for a moment during the episode with Gosling playing a third, new brother and they were known as "The Fliplets."
Considering the original set of twins, Jonathan and Drew Scott, from the channel bring their own expertise to their show, it's safe to say, Gosling was simply there for dark, comic relief. "I'm Tristan, and when our parents divorced, I was the only one that went to live with our dad," Gosling said when he introduced himself.
He went on to get even darker and if you were feeling it, funnier. “When I was 12, I saw a man get hit by a bus. And I had plenty of time to intervene, but I was frozen. Not by fear, but by a dreadful excitement," Gosling's character Tristan explained. "I just watched him, like it was all a little show that God was putting on just for me. A marionette, dangling before the lapping flames of his master’s furnace. And in that moment I died a little unto myself, but I was reborn as the lizard I was destined to become.”
Minus the real estate, it was clearly not the Property Brothers people are used to, but it was quite the unpredictable skit. It ended with the announcer saying, "The Fliplets: This was the usable footage!”
Could The Fliplets happen IRL? Um, yes — you know the Property Brothers have a third brother, right?
The handsome Ryan Gosling had the honor of kicking off season 43 of SNL as the host last night. Beyond his La La Land reunion with Emma Stone on-stage, the actor put an unexpected spin on a popular TV show that has a following like no other.
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