Leslie Jones' Tweet Inspired One Of The Best Pride Dresses Of The Year

Sometimes the best way to make your point is to (literally) wear it on your sleeve, and that's exactly what one talented New Yorker did.
Kayla Guminiak works at a costume shop and spends her free time making what are arguably some of the coolest Pride dresses we've ever seen, featuring patterns of pinup girls and Hillary Clinton. But one dress stood out above the rest: a rainbow-colored A-line dress with hundreds of Leslie Jones' famous tweet, "she gay dude stop it lol."
Here's Jones' tweet for reference:
According to Yahoo, Guminiak absolutely loved the tweet, which was written in response to someone hitting on Jones' SNL co-star Kate McKinnon, and printed it on a tank before coming up with her viral Pride design.
In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Guminiak opened up about why the tweet she called "honestly iconic" resonated so much with her.
"No woman enjoys unwanted advances by creepy dudes, either on the internet or in real life, and so often we just ignore it," she told BuzzFeed News. "So it's nice to see somebody actually say 'stop it.' And as a gay woman (especially as a feminine, often-assumed-straight gay woman), there have been times when I've been it on and I just want to yell 'I'm gay, dude, stop it!' So plastering it all over my body seemed like a pretty good choice."
Not long after she posted the photos to Twitter, Guminiak started receiving order requests. Though she didn't necessarily say she wouldn't create custom dresses for others, she did tweet that the cost would be on the pricier side.
Guminiak also tweeted that she created the strapless bodice using a pattern from Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book before adding the darling straps and skirt.
We couldn't love the look more!

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