This All-In-One Makeup Palette Makes Packing So Much Easier

I have been forever cursed with hearing my mother's voice in my ear when packing for a trip: It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. So for preparedness purposes, I always end up filling a few too many zip-lock baggies with six individual pots of eyeshadow, three bronzing palettes, and every makeup brush I own for any one-night trip out of town.
But my 30-pound travel duffle just got significantly lighter thanks to an all-in-one makeup kit, essentially an oversized sunglasses case, that has everything I could possibly need inside of it.
Liz Jones, an Australian makeup artist, has been working for almost ten years to create a kit to simplify the makeup application process by reducing the number of products needed to achieve a "going-out" look. And she's finally done it with the Bronze Face Palette.
The oblong bronzer pan is the hero of the kit, a finely-milled, chestnut-brown powder with a subtle hint of shimmer running through it that can be applied with the fluffiest, tiny makeup brush tucked inside. There's also a copper eyeshadow, a creamy concealer for brightening the undereye area, a white pencil to line the inner corners of the eyes, a peachy-nude lip gloss, and a lengthening mascara. The best part, in my opinion, is the huge built-in mirror, which means no more propping up my self-facing iPhone camera to get my makeup done on-the-go.
I'll probably never be the kind of highly-efficient packer who correctly calculates the number of underwear needed and doesn't bring towering heels on a camping trip, but this is a good first step towards minimalism... and a glowing complexion post-plane ride.
Liz Jones The Bronze Face Kit, $85, available at Liz Jones Cosmetics.
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