This Creepy Stranger Things Art Installation Will Put You In The Upside Down

The alternate dimension introduced to us via Netflix's Stranger Things does not seem like a chill place to take a weekend vacay. Not only did the Demogorgon flat-out murder Barb (Shannon Purser) during her excursion to the other realm, but visiting the so-called "Upside Down" also caused poor Will (Noah Schnapp) to vomit up a bunch of gross black slugs.
Fortunately for some lucky Stranger Things fans, they were able to visit the Upside Down without worrying about death or disgusting side effects.
A Netflix-sponsored installation at Toronto's annual all-night art event Nuit Blanche, which took place on September 30, replicated the forest from the Emmy-nominated series, but with a big twist. Titled "The Red Forest," the art installation featured bikes melting into trees, as well as plenty of Eggo waffles scattered across the floor in honor of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).
The photos look unreal:
Oh, and you had to wear a hazmat suit, like the characters do on the Netflix series, in order to enter the installation.
Strangely, it wasn't just Stranger Things that was nodded to in the installation. Though the interactive art piece was certainly inspired by the Upside Down, the Red Forest also featured elements of other Netflix series, including Riverdale, which streams on the service outside of the United States.
The Twilight Drive-In, which fans may remember as a Southside Serpent hang out and the one-time home of Jughead (Cole Sprouse), also gets a shout-out in the installation.
According to PopSugar, the Netflix original film Bright, starring Will Smith, was also referenced in the Red Forest ahead of its December 22 release.
No word on whether the installation will move anywhere after Nuit Blanche, but at least we have season 2 of Stranger Things to stream over Halloween weekend.

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