The Real Reason Teyana Taylor Is Constantly Changing Up Her Hair

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Teyana Taylor is someone who snatches wigs on a regular basis — even when she's dressed down in sweats and kicks. So, it's only fitting that she changes her wig constantly. Like... every two days constantly. "It's an easy way to try something you haven't tried before," the entertainer and mom told us at the #KissBeautyBar in New York City, where she hosted the unveiling of the pop-up beauty bar. "I love switching them."
That's one reason why we kept our eyes peeled for Taylor's appearances during New York Fashion Week. Whenever she stepped out at a party or walked the runway, it was always something new. Typically, T does whatever TF she wants to do with her hair — but sometimes, work obligations serve as the deciding factor. "Say I have a fashion show, like The Blonds. They said they wanted everyone to be blonde for it, so I had the blonde hair on deck," she says. "There are some situations that I have no control over, like a movie or a TV show. But I'll still say 'OK, my hair is short and I want to wear it short.' It really just depends on what makes sense at the time."
For a packed week of shows, Taylor didn't intend to make blonde her thing. She actually came to the city with four wigs in tow, prepared to make a different statement for each day. "Mind you, I was only supposed to be watching the shows," she says. "Every show I walked in happened to be last minute. Once I did GCDS, everybody loved the white hair. I kept it because when they saw that white hair, they knew it was me. They knew it was about to get crazy and be hype."
In order to keep her followers on their toes, Taylor and stylist Arrogant Tae stuck with the same color but did different styles: "My first show, I had the bob. Then I had the Marilyn Monroe. And then I did it long and wavy. I played with lengths with my blonde, which made it fun to do. It kind of became my trademark."
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Oh, it most certainly did. Once the crowd at Philipp Plein got a glimpse of Taylor's dancing to Future's "Mask Off" in her big blonde waves and body suit, they went wild (check Instagram for reference). We had to ask: How did Taylor's wig stay intact throughout that vigorous dance performance? "Tae definitely works his magic all the time," she says. "Even after I'm done dancing or performing, I always go backstage and say, 'How the hell did you get this wig to stay on like that? 'Cuz I just knew that shit was gon' fly off.'"
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Tae is a magician, but he's still a mortal. Taylor admits that there have been times when the wig wasn't all that secure. "Oh hell yeah," she says, when we asked if her wig had actually ever flown off. "I was actually in the middle of shooting my newest movie, Honey, and I didn't have it glued on. I just had the band strapped in the back. Honey, I was doing a shot and whipping it, then it was gone... but I was prepared. I had my finger waves under there. So when it flew off it's like, 'Okay girl, you better be sitting under that wig!' It worked out perfectly."
Right now, Taylor's exploring the dark side, courtesy of a jet black pixie that's cut and styled to utter precision. "When I wear short hair, I just want to keep it short forever," she says. "I look in the mirror, like, 'I'm never growing my hair out again.' Short hair always works for women with strong features. I just love it, and I embrace it."
Flying weaves aside, Taylor maintains that she doesn't have any regrets when it comes to glam. "We're all still learning every day. We learn new stuff and we see new stuff. And honestly, aside from a good lash and a good brow, I don't really wear much makeup unless I absolutely have to," she says (the lashes she likes are KISS Lash Couture Faux Mink Lashes, ICYWW). "​​If everything was perfect, it wouldn't be that much fun. You're learning from your mistakes, and now you know what it takes to make it better this time. If you fall, get back up and try again."

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