Reportedly, Vanessa Grimaldi Called Rachel Lindsay Something "Extremely Derogatory"

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In a Reddit AMA, Danielle Lombard revealed what happened between Bachelor contestants Rachel Lindsay and Vanessa Grimaldi. Since the show aired, rumors circulated that the two weren't friends, even though they were among the top three contestants. Fans pointed to a moment on the show when the women played volleyball and, somewhat inexplicably, started crying. Grimaldi cried, as did Lindsay, but it wasn't clear why everyone was sobbing. Many think the volleyball game involved an incident between the two of them that resulted in a lasting feud.
According to Lombard, the fight began when Grimaldi, 29, called Lindsay a "derogatory" word.
"Vanessa called Rachel something that was extremely derogatory," Lombard wrote on Reddit. "From what I heard it was bad." She added that Grimaldi had to be separated "for the rest of the show."
Later, when a Reddit user asked a similar question, Lombard clarified that the word was "not very nice at all."
Lombard also shared a story of her own feud with Grimaldi.
"Vanessa stabbed me in the back and tried to get everyone else in the house to hate me, while I was gone on my date and never talked to me about the things she didn't like even though we were supposedly friends," she began. Apparently, Grimaldi tried to do something similar with Rachel as well. The Bachelor in Paradise star suggested that Grimaldi saw the show as more of a competition than anything else.
It all seems to trace back to Grimaldi, who ended up winning The Bachelor and getting engaged to Nick Viall. Viall and Grimaldi split in late August.
"In the end, as much as we loved each other and tried to make it work, we just realized we were different people fighting to keep a relationship when ultimately we just weren't the best fit for each other," Grimaldi told People. The Montreal native is set to be the host of the E! network's Facebook Live beauty show called freeSTYLE.
Lombard alleges that Grimaldi told Viall, the Bachelor, that Lombard only appeared on the show for exposure.
Then there's this, which Lombard shared: "It was just ironic because [Vanessa] told Nick I was just there to be famous since I've modeled in the past, but you come to find out later that she's actually and model and [was a] tv host/actress in Canada and that Nick's been taking acting classes out in LA."
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