Travis Scott Has Known The Kardashians For Longer Than You Think

Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage.
Before he began dating Kylie Jenner way back in April of this year, rapper Travis Scott wasn’t exactly a household name. However, in the Kardashian-Jenner household, he’s been well known for quite some time. In a 2015 interview with MTV News, Scott opened up about his friendship with fellow rapper and musical mentor Kanye West, which shows he has long had more than one meaningful connections with this famous family.
In the midst of his Rodeo Tour in early 2015, Travis Scott caught up with Nadeska Alexis of MTV News, and the two talked a lot about working and collaborating with Kanye West. When asked if he thought West, who, at the time, was approaching 40, would retire anytime soon, Scott explained that "you can't retire a creative genius." The young rapper even went on to say that Kanye is "one of the best leaders of our generation."
Scott doesn't just admire Kanye West's work from afar, however. He actually signed with GOOD Music, Kanye's label, back in 2012. Travis also told MTV in the 2015 interview that, Kanye is one of his "closest dudes" and that they "talk all the time." In one of the most tender comments from the interview, Travis Scott explained that Kanye West was "part of his story," which just goes to show what a key role Kanye has played in this young rapper's life and career.
This interview was given a few months after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were married, so we're guess Scott had plenty of interactions with the Kardashian-Jenner family even before he started dating the youngest Jenner. At the time of this interview, Kylie Jenner would have been 18 years old.
In re-watching the rapper talk to MTV, we can't help but notice a major similarity between Kylie and Travis' love story (which now includes a reported impending child), and Kim and Kanye's. Both these couples knew each other for years before they actually started dating, and they were even both seeing other people when they first met. Things have worked out quite well for Kim and Kanye so far, so here's hoping the same will be true for Travis and Kylie, especially as they enter this rumored new chapter of their relationship.

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