Demi Lovato Announces Her Plans As Mental Health Ambassador For Global Citizen

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Demi Lovato has just announced her latest role — and it's an important one.
The singer and actress took to her Instagram to announce her new role with Global Citizen, a "social action platform" focused on using social media to create social change. Lovato's new role will be Mental Health Ambassador, which will allow her to work on specific projects focused on breaking silence and stigma often attached with discussing mental illness.
As she wrote in her post, Demi will be able to "focus on vulnerable communities around the world." She continues, saying that "with [Global Citizen's] support and our combined platforms, I will be able to further my work around some of the issues I deeply care about as it relates to mental health and well-being around the world."
This isn't the first time that Lovato has been candid about how important mental health is to her. She's been an advocate of mental health for years, speaking out about her own struggles. Since being diagnosed as bipolar in 2011, Lovato has since spoken out about the impact that self-harm can have on individuals and their well-being. When she first spoke about her diagnosis back in 2015, she said that initially she was worried about it because "she didn't want anyone to think badly [of her]." But since then, Lovato's courage has inspired others to step up and break the silence on mental health.
Her advocacy hasn't gone unnoticed, either. Lovato has been the recipient of various awards because of her work on this issue, including the Artistic Award of Courage, Mental Health Advocacy Award, and GLAAD Vanguard Award. She's even spoken about the importance of mental health at the National Democratic Convention last year. There's no doubt the importance that this topic has for Lovato, and will show the potential that she has in fulfilling her duties as Mental Health Ambassador.
We're sure that Lovato has great things planned for her work with Global Citizen and beyond, as she continues to speak out for mental health.
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