Lorde Just Found Out How Many People Get Nose Jobs In L.A.

Like juice bars, sitting in traffic, and geotagging your Instagrams at Runyon Canyon Park, nose jobs are quintessentially L.A. (And there’s nothing wrong with that — no plastic-surgery decision should ever be treated as shameful.) Nobody is shocked when an A-lister is captured by a paparazzo strolling out of a plastic surgeon’s well-concealed office, or when the go-to hairstylist for several of those A-listers, who’s become a celebrity in her own right, casually mentions her own rhinoplasty on social media.

HBD @nicolerichie! Thank you for loving me thru my old nose and eyebrow plucking phase 〰?????

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Jen Atkin acknowledged the adjustment in an Instagram she posted yesterday to wish her longtime friend Nicole Richie a happy birthday. “Thank you for loving me thru my old nose and eyebrow plucking phase,” she wrote alongside a throwback photo of the two of them (plus an unidentified man). Atkin even tagged Raj Kanodia, MD, the Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon responsible for her (very well-done) nose job, right on the tip of her nose.
But at least one of Atkin's devoted fans was caught off-guard by the hair pro's offhand confession. That fan would be Lorde, who commented, “Wait is this a different nose to your current nose???” Atkin’s clever response: “Yes! Hahha don’t make me feel like I [wasted] my money!!”
"I have never thought you had anything but a perfect nose then or now my queen," Lorde replied. Sweet, sweet, beautiful Lorde: so wise beyond her years in so many ways, yet still not quite fully attuned to the prevalence of nips, tucks, and tweaks in her own little world. That, or she's just playing dumb to flatter her friend and hairdresser by saying she's looked great all along. That's show-biz, baby.
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