7 Limited-Edition Beauty Products That Made A Sweet Comeback

Back in middle school, while rummaging through my aunt's makeup drawer, I found a lipstick that appeared to have been preserved for years. The allure was too intense for me to fight, but she hesitated when I asked if I could try it on. "It's limited edition," she told me. "So I'm saving it for special occasions."
My aunt, like many makeup lovers before her, had a delicate relationship with a tube of lipstick that could only end in heartbreak. She kept it for years, saving it for parties and events, in a vain attempt to prolong its life. Her relationship with that tube of red lipstick may seem dramatic to some, but for those of you who have found "the one" only to discover that it was assigned a limited production run is disappointing, to say the least. Luckily, not all stories end in tears.
We did a little digging and discovered that many formerly limited-edition items have been brought back to their brand's permanent lines thanks to consumer outcry. Sure, they may not be the lipstick my aunt adored, but it's a start. Ahead, check out seven limited-edition products that are available today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

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