Cole Sprouse Looks Exactly Like A Young Snape & You Won't Be Able To Unsee It

Cole Sprouse may be best known for portraying the aggressively moody Jughead Jones on Riverdale, but the CW star knows how to do more than just play the self-proclaimed "weirdo." What Sprouse is truly, undeniably excellent at is making fun of his own brand, which he often does by coming for his twin brother Dylan on Twitter as well as sharing hilarious, Sprouse-y memes.
The most recent photo that the actor shared, however? Well, it's one for the books...mostly because Sprouse looks exactly like a young Snape from Harry Potter.
"The rumors are true," wrote the former Suite Life of Zack & Cody star in his Instagram caption.
I'm not sure what these rumors are, exactly, but it could be that Sprouse is low-key a vampire or the reincarnated potion's master at Hogwarts. Maybe it's time to petition for Sprouse to play a Young Snape in what is sure to be an inevitable Harry Potter prequel?
Sprouse has since inexplicably deleted the photo from Instagram, but fortunately, one fan did grab the pic on Twitter.
"BABY SNAPE VIBES," one fan commented on Sprouse's original pic.
"Snape Snape Severus Snape," another joked.
However, someone saw a different person in the image: "Tommy Wiseau???," someone wrote, referring to the star and director of cult film The Room.
This isn't the first photo that Sprouse has shared to get his fans buzzing. Her recently shared a photo from an article claiming to reveal what the kid from Big Daddy (a.k.a. Sprouse) looked like now. Sprouse's response? "I look fresh bitch."
Young Snape may be Sprouse's doppelganger in this photo, but one fan found someone who looks ridiculously like the Riverdale actor today — the fan's aunt in an old photo.
Can you see it?
Sprouse may already be a twin, but he seems to be twinning with a lot of people these days.

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