Cole Sprouse Wishes This Radiohead Song Had Played On Riverdale

Music plays such an important role in Riverdale that there have been whispers of a complete musical episode. (Please let the rumors be true!) Sure, the students at Riverdale High are busy playing detective, but it's no secret that the cast possesses some seriously impressive musical chops.
It's no surprise that the topic of music arose during San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, and Cole Sprouse (aka Jughead Jones) shared a scene in Season 1 that he thinks would have been the perfect fit for some Radiohead background music.
When HelloGiggles asked the actor if there's any song he'd like to see featured on Riverdale, he gave a very specific answer. "I wish ‘Creep’ from Radiohead was playing over that narration in Episode 10 where I’m like ‘I’m a weirdo,'" Sprouse told the outlet. "Like suddenly on some sort of disc in the background. That would’ve been nice."
As a refresher, he's referring to the scene where Betty decided to throw Jughead a surprise party despite the fact that he really didn't want one. When he became upset about the party, he expressed to Betty that the two are inherently different because "in case you haven’t noticed: I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in, and I don’t want to fit in.”
If DJ had played "Creep" during this scene, it would have been the perfect fit. Jughead's comments closely mirror the lyrics, particularly the lines: "I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo / What the hell am I doing here? / I don't belong here."
We have chills just thinking about it.
Maybe Riverdale's showrunners will begin to consult with Sprouse about musical choices, because he definitely has his finger on the pulse of which songs are perfect for specific scenes.

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