5 New Trends That'll Make Getting Dressed For Work Less Boring

Some mornings (namely Mondays) we can't help but ask ourselves: Does getting dressed for work ever get any easier? Actually, make that: Does getting dressed for work ever get less boring?
Day after day, it's easy to fall into the routine of reaching for the same trousers, blouses, and shift dresses. But you shouldn't have to subject yourself to the same three-piece rotation. Why? Because tons of current trends lend themselves to the your office dress code, which means you no longer have to separate your closet between things you can wear to work and things reserved for the weekend.
Ahead, you'll find five of overlapping trends guaranteed to make dressing for a 9-to-5 feel like a hobby instead of a chore. From pieces decked out in ruffles to extra-bright colors, you're about to start looking at your closet in a whole new light.

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