Kate Bosworth Opens Up About The Brazen Sexism In Movie Casting

Photo: David Crotty/Getty Images.
Kate Bosworth peeled back the curtain of Hollywood casting in order to discuss something discouraging, but not surprising. She shared one of the ways sexism directly affects casting, and how she personally has been victim to this nonsense.
Filmmakers, apparently, tend to cast the male lead actors first, before considering the female actress. It's a subtle thing, but speaks volumes: it tells an actress that her talent or skill is only useful in relation to a male actor's prowess. In a live interview with People, the actress and fashion star said that "the one thing I heard on every single film — and I’m telling you there isn’t an exception — whenever I’m up for a role, really no matter how big or small, the answer that I always get from anyone who’s casting me [is], ‘We have to cast the guy first.' Every single one, there is no exception."
Bosworth also added that the only time she hasn't heard this from a casting director is when she's produced the film. "It’s important to say, ‘Let’s look at this in an equal way. Let’s look at who to cast or who to bring on or who to collaborate with because they’re great or because they’re right for it." And she's absolutely right — in addition to being cast around a male actor, actresses on both TV and film have to deal with sexism, racism, ageism, and body discrimination on a routine basis.
Kate Bosworth says that she often needs to take the initiative to correct this issue: "I like to try to move the dial and be proactive and be aggressive and to effect change. That’s just in my DNA. So the fact that I’m able to participate in that in my industry, I feel really grateful." Watch the full video is below.
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