Gabourey Sidibe Called Out These Body Shamers In The Most Badass Way

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I know Gabourey Sidibe is gorgeous the way she is. You know it, too. Most importantly, she knows it. But apparently some people feel the need to make her feel bad about how she looks. Well, that plan failed miserably. The plus-size beauty clapped back at body shamers and has a lesson for everyone.
Some folks love saying that they aren't trying to be rude by pointing out someone is plus size; they're just concerned for others' health. Bu they're not fooling anyone, especially Sidibe. While on Janet Mock, the executive producer of Girls', podcast this week, the actress had a few choice words for those types of people.
"People pretend that they care about my health by calling me a fat disgusting b*****,” said Sidibe, who turns 35 this year. “You do not care about my health. You are just a giant a**."
The actress made the decision to undergo laproscopic bariatric surgery last year, as a way to help manage her Type 2 diabetes. Since then, people everywhere have been making it a point to share their opinion. As much as it may matter to them, it doesn't to Sidibe. She's a grown woman making grown woman decisions and looking amazing while doing it. For her, it's all positivity. No negativity will be tolerated.
That's why when she talked about body shaming on Janet Mock's podcast, "Never Before," she said what women have been dying to say.
"And you think that you can have an opinion about me — but this is my body," Sidibe continued. "I’m not out here in these streets writing think pieces about how your d**** is too small."
"Never Before" is taking part in a series featuring strong women in collaboration with Lena Dunham's LENNY. From this interview alone, it's obvious that Sidibe is a great example of female strength.
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