Amanda Stanton Called Out Robby Hayes, Taylor Swift-Style

Photo: ABC/Bob Du2019Amico.
Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes dated for what was probably less than a month, but we're still feeling the reverberations of the relationship via Twitter. Last night, after the two appeared on the Bachelor In Paradise reunion special, Hayes took matters into his own hands, posting a statement on social media. (It looks as if he used Times New Roman font, so we suspect he used Word to write the statement.)
"While I won't be one to resort to vicious social media attacks, at the finale, I felt like I was sitting next to a stranger," Hayes wrote. He went on to argue that he was the victim of "one-sided blame" and that he was merely "casually dating." This was a direct reaction to the reunion special, which brought the recently single Hayes and the recently single Stanton back together to discuss their erstwhile relationship.
The interaction was tense. At one point, one of the Ferguson twins interrupted to say that Hayes cheated on Stanton during their brief relationship. An anonymous Good Samaritan (or Bad Samaritan, depending on your philosophy) sent Stanton a photo of Hayes kissing another woman in Colorado. Hayes claimed the photo was from a "business trip" to Colorado and implied that the woman was a colleague. He also claimed they weren't kissing in the photo.
Then, after Hayes posted his statement, Stanton tweeted the photo.
The old Amanda Stanton can't come to the phone right now, I guess. Stanton also retweeted a video of Taylor Swift dancing in the music video for "Look What You Made Me Do," so it's official: Stanton is her in "Reputation" phase.
The 27-year-old mother of two also replied to Hayes statement. She quoted his statement and added a raised-eyebrow gif as if to question his rhetoric.
"A desperate need to present an innocent persona." - the guy who denies cheating when there is photo proof," she wrote. She added the hashtag "#beamanalready."
Hayes also allegedly shared a tweet criticizing Stanton for leaving her children — she has two children from a previous marriage — to film the show. Oh, and then he tweeted at Josh Murray, a contestant from last season, asking if they should "combine libraries," whatever that means. (Murray and Stanton got engaged last season and also had a messy breakup.)
There's a reason the theme song calls it almost paradise.
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