Spencer Pratt Has Reached Peak Hummingbird Content

Photo: Courtesy of Spencer Pratt
If you've kept up with the cast of The Hills, then you already know that Spencer Pratt has great crystal game. What you might not know about Heidi's hubby and the soon-to-be dad? He's also really into birds. Well, specifically, the hummingbird, many of whom love hanging out with Pratt.
The Celebrity Big Brother alum, who was kind enough to share his hummingbird experience with Refinery29, has taken to posting videos, boomerangs, and photos that are hummingbird-centric.
In the videos Pratt posts, the reality star stays very, very still, while a bird comes over to him and sits on what appears to be an Aroma Trees Mini Hand Held Hummingbird Feeder. (You can buy it on Amazon here.)
In this one, it could be his own wax figure upon which the hummingbird lands.


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Here, Pratt dons a floral hat with multiple feeders in order to achieve maximum hummingbird potential.
"LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO," the one-time Taylor Swift cover artist wrote in the Instagram caption.


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Of course, it wouldn't be a Pratt moment without crystals coming into play...and it seems like the birds like them almost as much as he does.
"Crystals and hummers," wrote The Hills star.

Crystals and Hummers #crystalsandhummers ? by @crystalariumla

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The story behind Pratt's hummingbird love is actually pretty beautiful.
"When [Heidi and I] got back from Celebrity Big Brother after being away for like a month in England, right when I pull up to the front door, there is a hummingbird…I’ve never seen anything like this. I realized that it’s guarding the cutest little nest. I’ve never seen a hummingbird nest before…They’re the most beautiful, special, magical little artistic creations. [There were these] hummingbird eggs, which are the size of Tic-Tacs," Pratt tells Refinery29 of the origin of his hummingbird posts.
"So the next day, I see that the hummingbird eggs had hatched, and the littlest, cutest hummingbirds hatched. [Then, that day] we found out that Heidi is pregnant. I’m like ‘Oh my God, this is the sign from God.’"
Pratt explained that he took to caring for the hummingbirds ever since, even making them a shelter from the rain during a particularly bad storm. He then set up a camera to watch the birds, which was when he discovered that a rat had killed one of the two baby hummingbirds. The living hummingbird, named Alan, was then taken by a rescue organization.
"I called the local wildlife rescue, and they said you have to take out the nest because once a predator knows about the nest, it’s not safe. So I bring the baby hummingbird inside, and I give it the nectar. I wait for the rescue people to come, they take [hummingbird Alan], and after a month, the [rescue organization] asks if I want them to re-release the hummingbird in my yard. I’m like ‘Uh, duh, yes please.’ So they tell me, ‘Just so you know, he may fly away, you may never see him again.’ I was prepared for that, but he flew right where he was born. So we talk with him, take selfies with him, and we’ve become best friends."
Pratt, who was previously living in Santa Barbara, has since moved to Los Angeles, but says his mom still takes care of Alan, who has "many new friends" these days. As for the Pratt family, they now have over 100 hummingbirds on their property.
"Now I’m just obsessed. I was obsessed when they were eating out of my hand, but when they started landing on my fingers and squeezing on, it’s the most precious thing. Obviously I look crazy, but when friends come over and they do it, they get [so into it.] I’d compare it to someone who likes fishing, in that it’s relaxing and meditative, but you don’t have to pull a bloody hook out of a fish."
One thing that Pratt wants future hummingbird-enthusiasts to know? Do NOT use the red dye that comes with many hummingbird feeding kits.
"[The red dye] is some evil, Illuminati shit. It poisons the hummingbirds. All the hummingbird rescue people say that sick hummingbirds, dead hummingbirds, it’s all related to health problems with this red dye that’s sold with hummingbird feeders," warns Pratt.
One thing's for sure: Pratt needs his own Animal Planet show.

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