Spencer Pratt Made His Own "LWYMMD" Video & Wow

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Even before Taylor Swift premiered her "Look What You Made Me Do" video at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 27, there was another visual interpretation of the song becoming wildly popular. This particular video didn't feature diamonds or jets or clever references to all the old T.S. videos, but it made up for that by totally embracing the complex nature of Swift and her many beefs. It also had hummingbirds.
We're talking about the video Spencer Pratt made on Snapchat and later posted to Facebook and YouTube, so we can keep on enjoying it in perpetuity.
Since the moment "LWYMMD" dropped, Pratt was all over social media reacting to it, experiencing the same love and hate as the rest of us. He clearly tipped way into fan mode by the time he edited together this video, though. His fans were quick to suggest that Swift should adopt this clip as her own.
When you think about it, the song could kind of be the Hills alum's theme song. He was once one of the most vilified celebrities in all the land (with good reason), and yet he keeps managing to reinvent himself enough to pop up in the oddest places. The old Spencer Pratt is dead, long live Spencer Pratt.
Here, we see Pratt at his goofiest and most likable. He sips soup and espresso, dances in silly hats, dances on hills and in cars, walks his pack of tiny dogs, and most importantly, feeds hummingbirds out of his hand. In case you missed it, Spencer Pratt loves hummingbirds (and also crystals). While there's a brief cameo of pregnant wife Heidi, also holding some literal and symbolic soup, Pratt totally missed an opportunity to make this video legendary: There are no images of Lauren Conrad in sight.
What does make this video awesome is imagining his and Heidi's baby growing up and watching what is truly such a Dad Move.

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