People Are Putting Their Faces On Their Suitcases & We're Not Sure How To Feel About It

Photo: Courtesy of Firebox.
Well, this is one way to solve the eternal baggage-claim problem of not being able to identify your suitcase because everyone has the same black one. U.K.-based gifts-and-gadgets company Firebox has come up with a solution that goes beyond ribbons and stickers: Just slap a giant image of your mug onto your luggage, and you're good to go.
While we can't decide whether this is creepy or the coolest thing ever, we have a feeling there will be an audience for these. After all, it guarantees that no one will take your stuff. Firebox' managing director Kristian Bromley actually came up with the idea after another passenger accidentally took his luggage when he was on vacation, according to Lonely Planet.
The "Head Case" suitcase cover is made of durable polyester spandex and can stretch to fit over your bag. It has openings to make sure you can still access your bag's handles, and it comes in small ($26), medium ($32.49), and large ($36) sizes.
"After all," Firebox points out, "nothing says 'That's my luggage!' quite like a giant version of your own face, smiling back at you as it shudders 'round the conveyor belt." Accurate.
Interested? How can you not be? Simply send the company a high-resolution photo of yourself — or your dog, or your favorite vacation destination — and Firebox will print it on both sides of the cover. "High-quality photos only, please!" Firebox says. "We'd recommend something taken on a digital camera or a very fancy smartphone. Remember that it's going to be stretched to the size of your suitcase."
Something tells us people are going to get super-creative with this one.
Firebox Head Case, $26-39, available at Firebox.

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