VMA Winner Khalid Is Sick Of People Misquoting Him

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images.
Twitter is full of accounts that operate under the guise of a celebrity. Some of them make it clear that they aren't really Justin Bieber, for example. Others are pretty convincing. Fans get confused about the authenticity and mishaps like this one happen. The artist Khalid finally replied to someone who misquoted him and found out that it's the result of a fake account.
Khalid is a 19-year-old singer whose song "Location" went platinum and recently won a Video Music Award for Best New Artist. This week, Khalid quote-tweeted a fan who attributed a harmless quote to him.
The quote reads: "Take more pictures. Always say I love you. Never go to bed mad. Jump first. Think second. Love deeper, harder. Life is too short."
Although it could possibly be mistaken for Khalid's positive, love-inspired lyrics, Khalid never said any of those things.
The tweeter, Kinzie, was probably shocked that he even noticed the tweet. After more of his fans caught wind of it, she replied with an explanation. She had seen a screenshot of the quote from a fake Khalid account and just assumed it was real. When she decided to tweet out the quote, she technically did the right thing by properly attributing it. It was just never Khalid who said it.
The fake account either no longer exists or possibly never did. The username "TheOnlyKhalid" belongs to an entirely different person and there's no trace of the music star. That means this entire photo could just be Photoshopped and somewhere out there is a very dedicated fan.
This is just another example of the internet not being truthful. As much as we wish we could take what we find on the internet at face value, we just can't. Next time, a quick search to confirm will save time and embarrassment later.
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