This Anthology Series Is Going Full-On Sexy Thriller For Season 2

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There's so much drama in the new season of this Starz show, it needs two parallel storylines to let it all unfold...and both of them look as nail-biting as ever.
Vulture has just released a new promo for the second season of The Girlfriend Experience, an anthology series about the lives of sex workers. Season 1 starred indie powerhouse Riley Keough as a law student who moonlights as an escort, but season 2 of the series will press the reset button and feature an entirely new cast of characters in very different circumstances.
These "circumstances" seem a tad more violent than season 1, which mostly dealt with the psychological effects of sex work, as well as how sex work — and female sexuality in general — is judged harshly by society at large. While sexual politics will no doubt come into play in the new season, the new promo is also teasing episodes that will play out like a bonafide thriller.
In lieu of following just one character's arc, there will be two completely different storylines in the new season — one that takes place in Washington, D.C., where stars Anna Friel and Louisa Krause will shine, and another that is rooted in New Mexico, where Carmen Ejogo will take the lead. We're not sure how (or even if) they will connect, but the trailer teases that they are definitely juicy.
The teaser shows Ejogo, who plays Bria Jones, holding a gun in one scene, and, in another, a man attacking a woman (possibly Bria?) in a glass office. Towards the end of the clip, a gun gets turned on an unseen person...but why?
We'll have to wait for exact details for all of this violence, but it may have to do with the fact that Bria has joined the Witness Protection Program to escape an abusive relationship, TVLine reports.
Over all of this, Bria's voice describes her character's one-time aspirations:
"I wanted to have an office, and I wanted my own furniture. And I wanted to answer to nobody," says Ejogo in the new clip.
If this is what season 2 of the Girlfriend Experience has to offer in its 30-second teaser, sign us up.

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