The Top 5 Beauty Products To Buy During Urban Outfitters' Killer Sale

Take a walk into any Urban Outfitters store and you’ll likely find yourself lost in a sea of crop tops, rad sneakers, and retro-inspired home decor. But there’s one thing that the cult retailer does really well that you may have overlooked: beauty.
The store's beauty section boasts everything from indie makeup to K-beauty, organic skin care to exclusive collaborations with some of our favorite brands. What's more, if you’re looking for a haunt where you can pick up an inexpensive brush set and your favorite high-end moisturizer, you’re in good hands. Urban’s beauty section offers a little something at every price point, but right now, kiss all your price tag worries goodbye. Why? The store is having a huge sale and you can get some of the best brands for cheap.
Click through to see a few of our favorites.

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