Lady Gaga's Record Label Gave Her A Horse & It Changed Her Life

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Lady Gaga is one enigmatic woman. In a new interview with V, the singer speaks openly and honestly about some of the things that are most important to her. And one of those, a little surprisingly, is her passion for her horses.
In a brand new interview with V Magazine Lady Gaga sat down to discuss her career so far, including her recent album, Joanne. The full interview reveals so much more, but her relationship with her horses proves there's still a lot to learn about her.
It all started when Gaga first moved to California, and her record label gave her a mare for her birthday.
"I had never taken a horse-riding lesson. I literally did not know how to ride a horse," she confessed. "But I just grabbed her by the mane and rode her bareback."
Any equestrian will tell you that that's a amazing feat. Arabella, Gaga's first horse, was so well-trained that it inspired the singer to get her a boyfriend, a stallion named Tigger.
"With him, I have to ride with a saddle," she says. "When I ride him, it always makes me feel so powerful, because he is so powerful. There’s no pressure. I just get on the horse and go. It’s sort of a metaphor for all the guys I’ve been with.”
Aside from interesting relationship analogies, Gaga's horses have taught her something invaluable: bravery.
“Riding has forced me to be fearless pretty quickly," she explained. "It’s all about down here in that woman area. Balance, strength, persistence.”
It's that sort of fearlessness that allows Gaga to be so outspoken and brave for her fans. Since before her fame began, the singer has been a huge proponent for LGBTQ rights and open about sensitive issues. Her horses inspire her and Lady Gaga inspires a generation.
The full interview with Lady Gaga goes on newsstands on August 31st, but you can also read it online.
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