Thinx Now Offers Period-Proof Cotton Panties

Thinx, the brand behind those cheeky marketing campaigns for its period-absorbent panties, is charging forward on its mission to give women peace of mind (minus all that controversy). Fresh off of expanding its pee-proof panty range, on Thursday, Thinx launched a cotton version of the period-proof panties that put them on the map.
Thinx’s new line, Cotton, is made — you guessed it — with organic cotton and features a patented 4-layer technology, in three soft, breathable, gender-neutral styles (briefs, bikini, and thong) that, like, the original nylon version can hold up to two tampons’ worth of fluid. Organic cotton is less irritating for the skin and something that customers have literally been begging for.
“It comes back to your grandmother or your mom always telling your to wear cotton during your period,” Siobhan Lonergan, tells Refinery29, the Vice President of Brand at Thinx. “So there’s an element of nostalgia.” But it’s also about breathability, she clarified. “There are certain fabrics in nature that are much more breathable than others, cotton is one, silk is another so with our material science it was somewhat of a no brainer for us to produce a cotton line.” Because Thinx aims to please, “it’s all about everybody’s preference so our core line has a certain aesthetic and it delivers one thing but our cotton line hopefully will reach another section of our customer base that have been asking for this product.”
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