A Pair Of Period Panties That Could Replace Your Tampon

period-pantiesPhoto: Courtesy of Thinx.
Everyone has at least one pair. They're the ones that sit at the back of your underwear drawer, have been washed so many times you barely remember what color they used to be, and are covered in a not-so-artful splatter pattern that'd make Jackson Pollock blush. Yes, they're your period panties. And, no, they're not quite working for you.
Whether you've got a crazy flow, are a little lazy, or have an unpredictable cycle, spotting is an inevitable part of being a lady with a menstruating uterus. And, as the people at Thinx underwear see it, if you're going to have to deal with it, your period panties should actually be something that works with you. There are four styles of underwear that range from thongs to hiphuggers, created to not only catch any spillover from tampons, but replace tampons altogether — if you're a woman with a lighter flow. Without getting all "lady in the maxi-pad commercial" on you, there's four layers of protection in these panties: one with continual moisture-wicking technology, another that contains fibers coated with silver to make it resistant to bacteria and stains, a third that's able to collect up to six teaspoons of fluid, and a last one that makes it totally leak-proof.
"These are diapers," you say. Well, fine. But, while the crotch is definitely thicker than your average pair of underwear, they feel a heckuva lot more comfortable than a maxi pad or even a panty liner, and there's zero "plastic swishing" noise that you'd expect from something this absorbent. Plus, these don't have a limp elastic waistband, a rip on the back, and a tacky floral pattern, which already makes them better than what you're working with now.
And, after a day of wear? If you're grossed out by the idea of just throwing them in the washing machine, hand wash them first with detergent. But, the brand says it's okay to just toss 'em in the laundry on a cold rinse and wash cycle (just avoid using fabric softeners that might diminish the effectiveness of the moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technologies). All styles (thankfully) only come in black, and sizes go from a XS (0 to 2) to XXL (20 to 22). And, for every pair you buy, seven reusable menstrual AFRIpads are made available to keep adolescent women in school in Uganda. (Read more about the mission, here.) To try out a pair with a little incentive, enter discount code REF5 at checkout, and get $5 off your purchase.

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