Grey's Anatomy Promises It Won't Be A Huge Bummer This Season

Photo: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Grey's Anatomy is lightening up in season 14— which should make plenty of diehard fans say "It's about time."
According to TVLine's interview with Giacomo Gianniotti (a.k.a. surgical intern Dr. Andrew DeLuca), the medical drama is letting its audience breathe a little bit. The show may be famous for killing off beloved characters in horrific ways (umm, anyone remember what they did to George?) but the ABC series is determined to make you cry just a little bit less when it returns this fall. It may even make you laugh.
"[Season 14 is] funnier, it’s sexier, it’s lighter," Gianniotti told TVLine.
That should be a relief to anyone who witnessed the death of the show's leading man, Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), or any of the countless tragedies that have plagued Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital since the show debuted in 2005. Personally, if I were on staff, I would have booked the second I had to remove a bomb from a patient's stomach. (It happened in season 2, and that bomb ended up killing Kyle Chandler's character Dylan, the only character creator Shonda Rhimes wishes she didn't off.)
Fortunately, death will take a back seat to romance:
"[A] lot of the men are single now, so we’re going to explore what that dynamic is like," teased Gianniotti to TVLine. Because if there's one thing that's as consistent as the tragic demise of doctors on Grey's Anatomy, it's the steamy hookups between them.
A happier Grey's might be just the thing the world needs right now. It's not easy to sustain drama when your series blows up buildings on a near-regular basis, and honestly, fans should sleep better knowing that – for now – their beloved characters are safe and sound.

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