Chrissy Teigen Hates When Restaurants Do This

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Chrissy Teigen always has an opinion, and we absolutely love her for that. We especially love that, because she's a foodie and cookbook author, many of those opinions have to do with food. Recently, in an interview with Eater as part of its Dining Confidential series, she talked about some of those food opinion like her favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, what she orders at Thai restaurants, and most surprisingly, the thing she hates most that restaurants often do.
In the Dining Confidential interview, Eater asked Teigen, "What's your biggest restaurant grievance?" and always one to speak her mind, she had an answer locked and loaded. "I really don't like being served extra little dishes before my entree because I get full really fast. When they send out too much I feel pressured to eat it all then I can't get to what I actually wanted."
Though it's hard for us to imagine a world where we'd turn down extra plates being sent our way, we get what she's saying. Plus, since she's super famous and married to a Grammy-winning musician, we bet she does get a lot of free food sent to her table when she dines out.
In addition to Teigen sharing her personal food opinions, she also told Eater about what her daughter, Luna likes to eat. The one-year-old is apparently a big fan of rice porridge and meatloaf — you can find a recipe for her favorite kind of meatloaf here. Luna also loves French fries, but even more than that, she loves ketchup. The mom explained, "She will take a French fry and dip it and suck [the ketchup] off and dip it and suck it off." It sounds like kid is destined to have unconventional dining preferences just like her mom.
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