Want To Watch Jon Snow Tell Jokes? Today's Your Day

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Jon Snow has jokes! Or rather, Kit Harington has a single joke. The man you know best for looking solemn on television told a one-liner at a press event for Game of Thrones. Brace yourself.
"My joke is: What do birds give out for Halloween?" Harington, 30, began.
The answer: Tweets.
We're not quite ready to let Kit Harington quit his day job, based on this, but in his defense, the joke was part of a Sesame Street campaign called "Share the Laughter." More specifically, the campaign belongs to Elmo, the chipper red fuzzball. Elmo kicked off the campaign on August 16 with none other than Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live).
Musician Andy Grammer also accepted the challenge, as well as Ilana Glazer, Josh Groban, and Padma Lakshmi. (Cookie Monster and Bert and Ernie also participated, but they don't count. They're friends with Elmo.) Unfortunately, all the jokes come in the same brand as Harington's: Short and silly.
"What did the hamburger name his daughter?" McKinnon asked.
The answer: Patty! Because hamburgers are patties!
The challenge, like all viral challenges, must be passed from person to person. Alas, Harington neglected to pass the challenge to anyone else. To think — he could've sent the challenge to Kristofer Hivju, who plays Tormund on Game of Thrones.
Harington may not be the best at jokes, but he's got a few tricks of his sleeve. For one, he's pretty good at flapping his cape like a dragon! In an Instagram posted to his co-star's page last week, Harington let his cape billow in the wind like a hot air balloon. He may just be able to quit his day job; then maybe he can come an interpretive dancer?
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