The Jon Snow Guide To Emoting

I understand why Jon Snow spends the vast majority of his time brooding. I really do. He's stared into the abyss, and not only did the abyss stare back – the abyss is marching southward to destroy everything he knows and love. To make matters starker (hah), no one believes him.
Given that his mouth is perpetually half open and his eyes are constantly rolling, Jon Snow's real title should be King In The North & Professional Brooder. Just as Heathcliffe wandered the moors crying over Cathy, Jon Snow flocks towards cliffs' edges with mournful expressions. And, like Kanye West, on the rare occasions when Jon Snow smiles, it's like the sun lives within his mouth.
Unlike Varys and Littlefinger, who display their emotions only through wiggles of the eyebrow, Jon Snow is very transparent with his feelings — even if his entire emotional spectrum is limited to frustration and determination.
The next time you're looking for the perfect expression to cap off your difficult day, look to Jon Snow. These King in the North GIFS will teach you how to wear your feelings on your face, if not your heart (which is beating for your aunt Daenerys) on your sleeve.
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