Celebs Are Full-On Obsessed With The Solar Eclipse

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images.
Today, as you no doubt know by now, the continental United States is seeing a total solar eclipse cross the country for the very first time in 99 years. It is once-in-a-lifetime events like this that bring vastly different people together because we are all talking about and experiencing the same special thing at once. It gives us common ground with people we never thought we'd share anything with, and of course, we're thinking first and foremost about celebrities.
Yes, just like you and me, today, famous musicians, actors, comedians, reality TV stars, and politicians are tweeting about the scene outside their windows, using the Solar Eclipse 2017 Snapchat filters, and posing for Instagram photos in their NASA-approved eclipse glasses. It's such a special time. Kim Kardashian has grabbed her kids and is holding them close to experience the magic with her. Sarah Hyland and Elizabeth Banks have constructed viewers out of empty cereal boxes. And, Chance, the Rapper and Sarah Silverman are still looking for some help tracking down protective eyewear.
Take a look ahead to see what celebs on social media had to say about today's eclipse, and bookmark the page, so you have something to show your grandkids when they inevitably ask you what you remember about the day of the United States' 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

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