There Are Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs, So Kiss Summer Goodbye

Photo: Courtesy of Atlantic Fizz.
"Pumpkin spice everything" has become something of a running joke in recent years, as companies have expanded from pumpkin spice coffee and candles to marshmallows and bagels. Some people think pumpkin spice has jumped the shark, while others eagerly await PSL season every year. But one thing most people will agree on is that pumpkin spice is the epitome of fall. Here to ruin our enjoyment of all things summer is Atlantic Fizz, with their pumpkin spice bath bomb.
On a scale of PSL to pumpkin spice chicken sausage (yes, that exists), a pumpkin-scented bath probably falls somewhere in the middle. It doesn't sound all that bad, but sitting in bathwater that smells like pie doesn't sound seem all that relaxing to me. Sitting in a bath while eating pie, however, sounds glorious.
Atlantic Fizz is not the first company to promote pumpkin bath bombs, however. Last year, Lush had a Halloween line featuring their version of a pumpkin bath bomb, as well as a "Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar" so you could exit the bath smelling like food and sparkling like you've spent the night dancing at a strip club.
But regardless of whether or not you think pumpkin bath products sound like a great idea or a terrible one, let's hope we can all agree that August is way too early for products more suitable for Halloween time. My local grocery store put Halloween candy out the other week, too, because apparently everyone is determined to ruin my summer by reminding me that it's going to end, eventually.
The product page may encourage me to "dive into fall," but I'm content to walk as slowly as possible, thank you. I want to go to the beach at least a few more times before sweater weather arrives.
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