Game Of Thrones Pedicures Exist For Your Scaly Dragon Feet

Courtesy of HBO
Game Of Thrones hysteria has officially hit its peak. There's GoT-themed streetwear, Longclaw dildos, even chicken Littlefingers. The latest offering? A "Mother Of Dragons" pedicure, offered by NYC’s Haven Spa.
Would this pedicure include some kind of Dragonglass-style tool to slough off dead skin or a ritual that would miraculously help me channel my inner Daenerys Targaryen? Well, no. But, based on the description, I was hopeful it would help me at least shed some of the dragon-y scales on my heels after walking the streets of New York all summer. So I signed up.
According to the salon, the treatment would include a vitamin rich, dragon fruit-infused scrub and a luscious Argan, olive oil, and dragon fruit cream massage. Sensing a theme here?
When I walked into the dimly lit salon, the receptionist ushered me to a quiet, serene room tucked behind the busy entrance. As I settled into my throne (a.k.a. my cushy raised pedicure chair), the manicurist quickly brought me back down to earth. "Has it been awhile since your last pedicure," she asked, raising an eyebrow. I warned you about the scales...
She started by soaking my feet in a nice, relaxing bath of dragon fruit powder and pink Himalayan salt, both meant to hydrate and soften. This was followed by a scrub and then a long meticulous dead skin removal using a fresh set of tools that included a sandpaper-like foot file. (This was definitely my favorite part and far more extensive than any callous removal I've experienced during a basic pedicure.)
I was then treated to a long soothing massage (worry not, the cream was also dragon fruit-flavored, which actually smelled more like roses if I'm being honest). I finished with a fiery chrome polish — that's not required, but hey, I was feeling inspired.
All in all, the Mother of Dragon pedicure wasn't a life-shifting experience — but it was definitely something I'd do again. My heels were significantly softer, my toenails were clean and polished, and the whole thing took about 45 minutes. (My pedicure, on the other hand, lasted a full two full weeks). It cost $50, which is more than a standard pedicure in New York, but right around the cost of any luxury foot treatment.
I would definitely recommend it as a way to take the edge off as anticipation builds before this Sunday's finale. And if you're not satisfied with a pedicure alone, there are plenty of GoT beauty topics to explore on top of that: including the meaning behind characters' hairstyles, their no-makeup makeup looks, and our favorite beauty products to channel your inner Westerosi.

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