Attention, Fans: Please Do Not Steal Clothes From Your Favorite Celebrities

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.
When we head to the beach, it's all about relaxing, letting loose, and forgetting all of our troubles. That's pretty much what it's like for most normal people. But going to a public beach as a celebrity is quite a different experience and it's up to fans to make sure they aren't overstepping their boundaries.
The Dolan twins, Ethan and Grayson, tried to have a chill day by the ocean when a couple of teenage girls spotted them. After following them down the beach, one of them grabbed the twins' shirts when they weren't nearby.
One friend documented it all on Snapchat and the video has been circling the fandom ever since.
As fun as it would sound in theory, to snag a souvenir from the time you saw your favorite celeb (and leave a cute boy shirtless), it's actually very disrespectful. These people share their lives with you and you should be able to respect their privacy when they want it. Stealing is always wrong and this just kicks it up a notch.
Neither of the boys have mentioned the incident on their social media, but fans have taken notice. The Dolan twins' fans are passionate enough to steal which means all the other fans are passionate enough to defend them relentlessly. Once the word got out that these girls stole from the boys, fans were enraged. One of the girls from the beach posted this statement on Twitter, begging for the hate to stop.
It's one thing to call out rude behavior, but it's 100% wrong to harass someone. No matter what someone has done to you or your favorite Internet star, cyber-bullying is unacceptable. Fans and celebrities both deserve respect and privacy. Let's show them that.
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