Shay Mitchell's "Gross" Pore-Cleaning Habit Is So Relatable

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Shay Mitchell is just your average, everyday Girl Next Door... if your neighbor happened to also win acting awards, shoot the shit with Lucy Hale and Tyra Banks, land beauty deals with brands like Bioré, and play dress-up on YouTube with Patrick Starrr.
And, like you would with any close friend on the morning after a first date, Mitchell held nothing back when telling Refinery29 all the dirty details — about her beauty routine. "I have no shame in walking out or being in public with a face mask on — none whatsoever," she laughs. "Everybody knows that I'm a go-to mask queen. Every time anyone comes over I surprise them, because I'll have the [Bioré One Minute Mask] on. If you aren't expecting it, it can be a little surprising."
Given the fact that her skin seems to have fewer pores than a toddler's, this confession makes sense. But that doesn't mean Mitchell doesn't live for pulling the gunk out of the ones she's got. "[Seeing the] aftermath on a pore strip is the best part," she says, adding that she always shares her "results" with her friends. "I mean, that's what I call satisfaction. As gross as it is because you're getting all that dirt and oil out, it's also satisfying because then you feel so much better because your pores are clean."

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For the record, however: Mitchell does not, under any circumstances, get down with those pimple-popping videos — no matter how many friends of hers "can't stop watching" them. Another thing you won't see her doing? Cutting her hair into a pixie or dyeing rose gold ends.
"My hair is like a security blanket for me in a way, so cutting it short or dyeing it a drastic color... I just don't know if I'm that brave," Mitchell says. "I would never dye my hair blond again, it was not the greatest. But that's the fun thing about wigs — I play a lot with those."
Ah, the age-old 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' advice. We think we've heard that one at a few Sunday brunches, too...

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