Will We See Wes On Season 4 Of How To Get Away With Murder?

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The Keating Five's puppy may be dead and buried, but does that mean Wes (Alfred Enoch) won't be around at all in season 4 of How To Get Away With Murder?
Thanks to executive producer Pete Nowalk's interview with Variety, we now know whether Wes will appear on the show since his murder has been solved.
We discovered that it was Wes who was "under the sheet" following the fire at Annalise's (Viola Davis) house during the third season's winter finale. However, we didn't learn who actually killed him until season 3's last episode, when it was revealed that his girlfriend Laurel's (Karla Souza) father had him killed, for reasons not completely explained.
Prior to the reveal of his murderer, Wes was still a regular face on the series. He appeared in every episode of the show in season 3, usually in flashback. When it comes to season 4, however, his fate is more up in the air...especially given Enoch's availability.
When Variety asked whether Enoch would make a return to the series, Nowalk didn't rule it out, but did say fans shouldn't expect to see him anytime soon.
"We’ve only written the first four episodes, and [Enoch is] working abroad on another show, so right now we don’t have specific plans to bring him back," the showrunner revealed to the outlet. "But I’m really hoping it happens."
That doesn't sound like the most promising thing in the world, but hey — scheduling conflicts happen. (For the record, the actor told Entertainment Weekly that the decision to kill Wes was a "creative" one that didn't have to do with him taking on another project.)
As a fan who will miss Enoch's face, I'm hoping that Nowalk finds a way to weave a Wes-centric dream sequence in somewhere into season 4, as well as find a way to tie up all the loose threads about his tragic murder.
Come on, doesn't Wes deserve that?

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