This New How To Get Away With Murder Clip Will Break Your Heart

Photo: ABC
How to Get Away With Murder may be unapologetic in whom it kills off, but the series is giving fans something nice to remember a fallen character by. In People's exclusive clip from How to Get Away With Murder's winter premiere, Wes (Alfred Enoch) is alive and well, and sharing a nice moment with Annalise (Viola Davis). I'm already crying. The new clip, which you can watch here, appears to be from the beginning of the school year, when Wes was dating Meggy (Corbin Reid) and Annalise's house was still standing. Wes spots Annalise on campus and runs up to inform her that he got that internship he wanted. The law professor then smirks and says it seems that Wes' new girlfriend wants an introduction — but Wes backs up. "That would be weird, right?," asks the would-be lawyer of the potential conversation between Meggy and Annalise. It's clear that Annalise is a little hurt by the implication — she just wants to be Wes' surrogate mom, whether she wants to admit it or not. It's heartbreaking seeing how much Annalise did care about Wes before his death. She may not have been the warm-and-fuzzy maternal figure one would hope for, but her love for Wes was ride or die. She sacrificed justice for her husband in order to keep him safe. She got him into law school. Now, in a cruel, ironic twist, he's dead — and likely because of Annalise. No wonder Annalise is dreaming of better days. That's what this memory is: a dream. Annalise wakes up and finds herself exactly where we left her in the fall finale — laying on the floor of a dingy jail cell. Fortunately, she's getting out — but with Wes laying in a drawer in the morgue, it's not much consolation. Bring tissues to your TGIT session: I doubt this will be the only sweet Wes moment the show throws our way.

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