This Baby In Curlers Is The Dose Of Happy We Could All Use Right Now

While it's absolutely true that the world can be a scary, trying, and divided place, there is also a lot of good out there, too. Think of all those happy babies having the best time at the spa. Or the lovable puppies getting luxe treatments. Or, most recently, this adorable infant named Camilla, who is serving up some serious sass in a pair of hot rollers.
According to Yahoo Beauty, New Jersey-based photographer Jessie Marrero decided to post the behind-the-scenes video to Facebook after falling in love with the days-old infant. “First thing I did was run nearby to a hair salon and borrow magazines," Marrero told the publication. "I knew I wanted more of a vintage salon-inspired look, so I grabbed that backdrop, lace and ruffles, and it was a wrap! Once we were done, I asked if I could film a behind-the-scenes video, grabbed my iPhone, and here we are."
Sure, the clip might not be as wild as watching a pup get a royal spa treatment, but it seems as though people are particularly drawn to the happy moment. In just a few weeks, the video has amassed an impressive 5.7 million views and more than 103,000 shares.
Apparently, the newborn has captured the hearts of plenty. “Just like a Princess/Diva... a little nap after reading her magazines. I LOVE THIS ONE!” one user commented. Another Facebook user was convinced the newborn looked too cute to be legit: “Is this real? It sure looks posed to me. One of those dolls that are so life like????” But Marrero assured us that Camilla is, in fact, real — she just happens to be the world’s most peaceful nap taker.
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