7 Puppies That Are Having A Better Spa Day Than You

Photo: Getty Images.
After a particularly grueling week at work, there's nothing better than getting some R&R at the spa. But if you don't have time to treat yourself to a massage or mani-pedi on the reg, welcome to the club. (And if you do, please spill your secrets STAT.)
That's why it's particularly relaxing to see puppies drool in relaxation over a good head rub, or watch as babies who can't even crawl float around in jumbo-sized bath tub. In fact, earlier this week, Insta-famous yorkie Diesel with more than 40K followers posted a photo of his own spa day. The thing is: It's not just Diesel — plenty of dogs are reaping the benefits of a little pampering.
Click ahead to check out some of the cutest puppy spa pics you could ever imagine, and just try not to get too jealous of all the quality "me" time.