13 Babies Who Are Having A Better Spa Weekend Than You

Photo via @babyspaperth
In case you were already lamenting the fact that a luxury spa weekend is probably out of your price range, these babies are here to make you feel even worse about it (but they look so darn cute that you'll probably forget to be mad). Baby spas are all the rage, and Baby Spa Perth (along with the other Baby Spa locations around the world) is here to bring you photos of adorable babies enjoying their services. If you didn't think it was possible to be envious of infants, guess again!
Baby spas may be cute and seem kind of indulgent, but the truth is that there are actually a ton of benefits to the services they offer, like hydrotherapy and infant massage. Baby Spa Perth's website lays it all out, but basically, all that floating around with that floatation donut around their necks does their bodies good. Benefits listed include increased strength and coordination, positive impacts on circulatory and digestive systems, increased lung capacity, and relaxation. So what they're saying is that these treatments sound heavenly.
But these water-bound services aren't the only things babies can get at a baby spa. They also offer infant massage, which is great for bonding with parents and has added benefits like improvements to the circulatory and digestive systems and the all-important relaxation (hey, exiting the womb is a traumatic life event; relaxation sounds like exactly what the doctor should order).
Even though those floaties look intense, the spa assures everyone that they don't hurt the babies and they're totally harmless. Also, adorable. Scroll or click on for the cutest baby spa photos you could ever imagine.

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