Nothing's Normal In The New Trailer For Good Behavior Season 2

Letty Raines (Michelle Dockery) finally has it all: her love, Javier Pereira (Juan Diego Botto), her son, Jacob, and a chance to live a normal life. But being good has never come naturally to the con artist or her assassin boyfriend. In the brand new trailer for the second season of TNT's Good Behavior, we see things heating up for the two of them – in more ways than one.
At the end of the first season, Letty regained custody of her son (Nyles Steele) by striking up a deal with the FBI. The deal almost cost her relationship with Javier, but they've patched things up and are doing their best to live normally. It just so happens that normal for them is murder and deception.
The trailer opens on Javier as he finishes up one of his jobs. Letty calls him, wondering where he is and he simply replies "Working."
Video: Via TNT.
"You know I kill people for a living, and I know you were an addict, a thief. Why are we together?" Javier says in a voice-over. They just can't help themselves. Javier and Letty barrel through the trailer in disguises with guns pointed, ready for anything. As much as these two crave a regular life, they just can't have it. Letty begs Javier to "leave a person alive for once," but she knows what she signed up for.
Getting along isn't the only trouble they're facing, however. While on the run from FBI Agent Rhonda Lashever (Ann Dowd), this dysfunctional family has to deal with a new villain, one that just might be more powerful than the last. The thing about turning good is that you never know when all the bad stuff will catch up to you. Looks like Letty will learn that the hard way.
Good Behavior returns October 15 on TNT.
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