The Kardashian's Hairstylist Is Doing Something Big For The LGBTQ+ Community

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He’s the one who makes Kris Jenner's pixie look so polished. He's behind Kourtney Kardashian's long, beachy waves. He's also the guy who's helped turn Kylie's hair into the phenomenon it is today. But now, hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons is using his free time outside of the Kardashian house to give back — and he’s starting by making a huge contribution to the LGBTQ+ community.
Earlier this week, the hairstylist, self-proclaimed feminist, and LGBTQ+ activist announced his collaboration with the Trans Economic Empowerment Program (TEEP) and the LGBTQ center in Los Angeles. According to Teen Vogue, Fitzsimons is developing a program with the organizations where beauty lovers (both inside and out of the industry) can donate beauty and self-care products to be distributed to marginalized trans women and gender non-conforming people.
“I really think this program will not only provide access to much-needed resources, but also shed a light on the need for outreach and support,” he told Teen Vogue. “I hope people will understand that there is something that they can do to help. Small acts of service add up to big changes.” And thanks to Fitzsimons’ celebrity status, there have already been some huge donations from celebrity clients like Kylie Jenner and Shay Mitchell.

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At the end of the day, Fitzsimons hopes to inspire confidence and a sense of self-worth in everyone. “To me, beauty can be empowering,” he told Teen Vogue. “What's most important to me is people being their most empowered selves, and if self-care or beauty products can help someone walk out into the world with confidence, then I want to help them do that.”
At the moment, this program is only available through the LGBT center in LA and TEEP, but Fitzsimons said he has plans to expand nationwide. If that’s not a good use of free time, we don’t know what is.
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