Selena Gomez Is Only On Season 3 Of Game Of Thrones

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Don't expect Selena Gomez to reveal her album title anytime soon. Oh, and don't tweet Game of Thrones spoilers at her, either.
The "Bad Liar" singer hosted a Twitter Q&A on Monday, where she teased the new album. When a fan asked what it would be called, Gomez simply responded "not telling." We do have a small hint, though — when asked what color the new album most resembles, Gomez replied "a deep blue." So, it could feature anything from a sperm whale to the Facebook logo. Cool.
Fans might be surprised by the "Fetish" singer's dream collaborator, too. Her answer to that question was "Eminem!" — exclamation point all hers. Could an Eminem/Selena track be in our future?
But between executive producing Netflix's 13 Reasons Why and working on her new music, it sounds like Gomez hasn't had much time to catch up on her favorite series. When a fan asked about her favorite TV show, she revealed that it's HBO's Game of Thrones — but she just finished season 3.
"I finished the third season yesterday. No spoilers!" Gomez wrote in her tweet. (If she's convinced everyone in her life not to talk about Game of Thrones around her the last few weeks, that's seriously impressive.)
If Gomez just got through season 3, that also means she recently saw the Red Wedding. (It also means she's four years behind the show's air dates.) We're honestly just impressed that as someone in the entertainment industry, she's managed to avoid spoilers all these years.
Gomez also answered plenty of other questions about her musical inspiration and what languages she'd love to learn, among other topics. You can read all of her answers on Twitter.
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