American Horror Story: Cult Is Going Full-On Purge

The latest promo for American Horror Story: Cult has gone full-on Purge, and it might be even creepier than season 7's many bee-related teasers. The new 15-second clip, shared by the official American Horror Story Twitter account, opens on a cloud of green smoke — which, it's soon revealed, has been created by sinister clowns. The clowns are probably the same ones who took over that bus in a previous promo, and definitely the same ones who will be appearing in my nightmares later tonight.
"You can’t hold your breath forever… #AHSCult," writes the Twitter account.
We still have no clue what's going on in this promo, or how the cult of clowns will come into play in the new season — but it's definitely giving us Purge vibes. Have the clowns taken over mainstream society after the fall of America? We know that the series will open on the night of the 2016 election,  though given the clowns, it doesn't seem like it will be too realistic to our society. (Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won't be characters on the series, in case you were hoping to see Sarah Paulson do her best POTUS.)
Of course, the new promo does suggest some serious mayhem. Perhaps the clowns are leading some sort of all-out war with the remaining humans who refuse to wear face paint, and are using bees as their foot soldiers. Or maybe we're totally misinterpreting the clown's "evil" actions, and they're just here to create a really cool immersive smoke show.
Basically, we have no idea what's going down in the new season. We may not be able to hold our breath forever, but I plan on doing so until the season premiere on September 5.

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