People Are Freaking Out Over The Return Of This Major Game Of Thrones Character

Warning: MAJOR spoilers about Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5 ahead.
Sound the alarm, because Gendry is back, y'all!
Four seasons ago, we saw the ultra-talented blacksmith row out of Dragonstone and seemingly out of our lives, and honestly, it was starting to feel like we would never see Robert Baratheon's bastard child ever again.
If you recall, the Brotherhood Without Banners delivered Gendry to the Red Woman to satisfy the Lord of Light. In reality, Melisandre and Stannis planned to bleed Gendry dry by way of leeches so that they could use his blood, put a curse on anyone who posed as a threat to the throne they believed belonged to Stannis, and then discard of him like, well...a leech, by serving him a fiery death.
But then Davos Seaworth arrived and was all, yeah, nice try but no, I'm going to save this kid by telling him to sail to King's Landing.
Years later, and Gendry was yet to be found. That is, until Sunday night, when Davos once again tracked him down and called for him to join Jon Snow in the fight against the White Walkers.
Thankful to a) be rescued from the smoldering blacksmith shop he was working in and b) to be given the opportunity to fight off evil and repay Davos for saving him a second time, Gendry grabbed a massive hammer (that, as one fan pointed out, was eerily similar to the one his father toted around in times of war), and hit the damn road.
Fans swiftly reacted to this major plot twist online, not failing to mention Gendry's bulked-up biceps.
But, wait! It gets even better.
As Davos and Gendry are packing up to sail, two bumbling guards come over and ask about their mission. Davos shows them they're carrying fermented crab, pays them off, and it seems like they're going to get away. Then Tyrion comes waltzing over and messes everything up. They know who he is and are fully aware of the price on his head. Thankfully, before they can snatch up our beloved Lannister, Gendry comes in like a freaking beast and bashes their faces in.
It was one of the best ways to reintroduce a character in the franchise's history.
With the guards dead, they sailed to meet up with Jon, who was surprisingly very chill with Gendry's arrival, and despite knowing he lacked fighting experience, welcomed him on the quest to take out the Army of the Dead. Because "more is merrier," Jon even invites members of the Brotherhood and The Hound (!!!) to join them on a treacherous journey into the cold, bleak snow.
So why wait for such a long time to bring Gendry back? Vanity Fair hypothesizes that the real reason for the character's resurgence is because of his trade. Few men left in Westeros know how to craft a Valyrian sword, and one of them is none other than the skilled bastard blacksmith. (Aside from its rarity, Valyrian steel is massively important because it can kill White Walkers.)
We have so many questions: Will Gendry ever meet back up with his pal, Arya? Is he truly the key to destroying the White Walkers? Will he ever meet up with Melisandre again, and if so, will he exact his revenge?

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