Maybe Justin Bieber Will Slide Into Your DMs Like He Did For This Gym Employee

Justin Bieber is supposed to be taking a break from the spotlight and focusing on his spiritual growth right now, according to his excuse for canceling the end of his Purpose Tour. This break seems to include scrolling through the Instagram feeds of random gyms in Georgia, because he was caught in the act earlier this week, DM-ing one such establishment to ask about a hot female employee.
"Who is that girl ... ? In Ur latest post," Bieber wrote in a DM to Fitness on Broughton in Savannah, Georgia. That girl happens to be Jessica Gober, a 22-year-old front desk clerk who posed in a photo showing off the gym's new deal on Bang Energy drinks.
Though she is super cute, it is also very odd to imagine this is how a superstar should go about asking girls on dates. Maybe this is part of his attempt to become "the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be and the father I want to be," as he told his fans he plans to during his hiatus. Alas, it's not going to work with Gober, though she was pretty excited about this attention.
"Did this actually just happen... lmao," Gober wrote on Twitter with screenshots of the messages. "Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF."
"We were like how in the world did he see this random post?" Gober told Buzzfeed after her tweet went viral. "We only had 70 followers and had posted 5 times previous to this."
Too bad for Bieber, she is already taken, and the promise of mega fame is not enough to make her leave her honey, her following tweet implied. "I've got everything I need right here," she wrote, including photos of herself and her BF.
Some Bieber fans are not amused by this exchange. They've accused her of faking it with Photoshop, and of being presumptuous. "Justin didn't like or comment it looks like it's fake n there r many apps for some fake edits like that," _xbiebz wrote.
Gober told Buzzfeed she didn't post the photos of her boyfriend just to reject Bieber publicly. "I posted them in response to everyone commenting that I 'ruined my chances with Justin by tweeting the screenshots.' Either way I didn't want a 'chance' because I am perfectly happy with my boyfriend."

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