You NEED To Go On This Game Of Thrones-Themed Trip

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Game of Thrones fans, climb on top of a dragon and get yourselves to Ireland because the vacation you need is there. Castle Ward, the estate that serves as the backdrop for Winterfell, is hosting a Game of Thrones-themed festival, and it sounds like it'll be just as exciting as the Hand's Tourney.
Castle Ward is a beautiful 18th-century manor in Northern Ireland. Although it wasn't built during the Medieval era, the original family who owned the estate built it with some Gothic architecture. When the HBO production dresses up the place, it transforms into the Stark home we know and love.
The castle will be hosting a "Winterfell Festival" for fans of the show, and the planned activities make us want to book a flight right now. There will be jousting and archery competitions, and the chance to fight with swords. No word on whether or not there will be replicas of our favorite swords on the show — namely, Longclaw and Needle. Time for us to go brush up on our water dancing skills. Of course, we could just watch the scene of Arya sparring Brienne over and over and study their moves.
The Winterfell Festival will also include — are you ready for this? — two of the dogs that play the Stark direwolves. Our hearts are totally melting the snow of the North. And true to the story, the actor that played Wintefell's blacksmith Mikken, Randall Boyd (who really forges weapons), will be in attendance, presumably making lots of Needles for everyone. Food at the festival includes venison pie, but you'll catch us inspecting that pie very closely for any sign of uh, Frey body parts.
At just $29 per adult ticket, the cost for the festival is surprisingly affordable, considering how stacked this party is going to be. Those of you that can make it, please go in our stead and tell us everything.
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